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Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide active by contact and ingestion, which is effective against adult and larval stages. It disrupts the insect central nervous system by interfering with the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) – regulated chlorine channel.

Currently, fipronil is registered in Brazil for the control of termites, beetles, caterpillars and borers in cotton, potatoes, sugar cane, corn and soybeans (Ministry of Agriculture, 2007).

Fipronil-sulfone, the primary biological metabolite of fipronil, is reportedly six times more potent in blocking vertebrate GABA gated chloride channels than fipronil, but demonstrates similar toxicity to the parent compound in mammals

Fipronil soil applications of 75 and 90 g a.i./ha at pre- and post-germination stages of sugarcane improved plant germination and cane yield without affecting juice quality.

Fipronil was dissolved and diluted in acetone for use in the experiment. Gel baits: The gel ( Table 1 ) was prepared as follows: Water, gelling agent (polyacrylate), carragenan and cane sugar were poured into a mixer and then slowly mixed until the components were dissolved.


applied in the furrows, plots treated with fipronil or endosulfan produced more cane than the check (without insecticides at 40 cm) and the treatment with imidacloprid (Table 3). Since other pests were not observed in the experimental area, these data suggest that both insecticides applied at a

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B.T. Forschler (ed) Proceedings of the 10th Pacific-Termite Research Group Conference S4.1:3 Efficacy of Biflex and Fipronil in controlling subterranean termites (Isoptera:Rhinotermitidae) in different soils types in Pakistan.

A method for the synergistic plant nematode control in sugar cane with a mixture of fipronil and abamectin comprising fipronil and abamectin in a ratio by weight of from 1:10 to 10:1, wherein the mixure is applied to sugar cane in furrow, a method for the synergistic plant nematode control in sugar cane with a mixture of fipronil and abamectin comprising fipronil and abamectin in a ratio by

Topical flea and tick control kills for 30 days. Plus, decimates flea eggs and larvae.


Fipronil 200SC Insecticide ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 200g/L FIPRONIL For the control of various insect pests in asparagus, bananas, brassicas, cotton, forestry, ginger, wine grapevines, mushrooms, pasture, potatoes, sorghum, sugarcane and swede as specified in the Directions For Use table. IMPORTANT: READ THOROUGHLY BEFORE OPENING OR USING THIS PRODUCT.


For chemical structures of fipronil and its metabolites, see Attachment 1, Volume 1. 2. Birds, mammals and reptiles 2.1. Group 1 and 2 products The screening level assessment for these products identified an acute risk to birds, mammals and reptiles at the highest application rate of …

Frontline Gold contains 3 active ingredients, fipronil to take our adult fleas and ticks, (S)-methoprene and pyriproxyfen to kill the next generation of flea eggs and larvae before the can develop into adult fleas.

May 06, 2010 · La corretta applicazione di un antiparassitario spot-on sul cane. L’uso delle fialette di fipronil: maneggievole e sicuro.

Dopo aver scelto la pipetta in base al peso del cane, Frontline Tri-Act deve essere applicato sulla cute in due punti non raggiungibili dalla bocca, tipicamente tra le scapole e alla base della testa. La pipetta deve essere appoggiata alla cute usando metà del contenuto sul primo punto di …

It has detected several unauthorised fipronil products on the market, including baits for use against ants and gels for controlling cockroaches. BASF sells the insecticide in several products for these uses, as well as Regent 800 WG on sugar cane. It is the companys second-best selling product after the fungicide, Opera (pyraclostrobin), BASF says.

Fipronil exposed to the sun (soil surface or plants) undergoes photo-degradation to desulfinyl-Fipronil which is significantly more toxic than Fipronil itself. In soil and water Fipronil is first degraded into other molecules , many of which are as active as Fipronil . Beet, a serious competitor for the cane;

Aug 04, 2016 · Principio attivo: Fipronil Disponibile nei seguenti formati: – cane piccolo 5-10 kg (1 pipetta) – cane medio 10-20 kg (1 pipetta) – cane grande 20-40 kg (1 pipetta) – cane …

Fipronil Mainly used in rice, sugar cane, potatoes and other crops. 2.Professional team We team have years of exportation experience. Transportation team check the goods before the shipment every time.


termites (sugar cane, corn) and click beetles (cereals, corn, sunflower, beets, ).1 It was recommended for Hadjmohammadi et al. Determination of Fipronil Residue in Soil and Water Studies on leaching and adsorption/desorption of Fipronil showed that the technical grade Fipronil and

Published in: Acta Chimica Slovenica · 2006Authors: Mohammad Reza Hadjmohammadi · Seyed Mohammad Nikou · Kamyar KamelAffiliation: University of MazandaranAbout: Fipronil

It is used against beetles, ticks, fleas, termites and other pests. 4 It is currently registered in more than 70 countries for the control of insect pests in more than 100 crops such as corn, soybean, sugar cane and wheat. The chemical structure of the fipronil molecule is shown in Figure 1.

Published in: Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society · 2015Authors: Fabiano Okumura · Raquel B Do Amaral · Ednilsom Orestes · Alberico B F Da SilvaAffiliation: Empresa Brasileira De Pesquisa Agropecuaria · University of Sao Paulo · Federal Flu…

Il fipronil con un singolo trattamento controlla e risolve in modo rapido e definitivo le infestazioni da pidocchi nel cane e nel gatto, in particolare quelle provocate da Trichodectes canis, pidocchio masticatore del cane e da Felicola subrostratus, pidocchio masticatore del gatto.

Sep 17, 2014 · We assessed the state of knowledge regarding the effects of large-scale pollution with neonicotinoid insecticides and fipronil on non-target invertebrate species of terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. A large section of the assessment …

Fipronil non viene assorbito nel flusso sanguigno, ma si applica ad una piccola zona di pelle tra scapole del cane e rimane legato chimicamente negli oli capelli e la pelle. Anche se generalmente sicuro, Frontline Plus e altri prodotti a base di fipronil, non sono raccomandate per l’uso con i cani geriatrici.

The objectives of this research were to: study the adsorption-desorption behavior of fipronil and its sulfide derivative, and evaluate fipronil biodegradation in soils from the sugar cane industry in the Northeast of Brazil. Surface soils from summit (Ustox) and footslope (Aquept) landscapes were collected and characterized.

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Apr 18, 2013 · A method for the synergistic plant nematode control in sugar cane with fipronil and abamectin comprising furrowapplying fipronil and abamectin simultaneously, that is jointly or separately, or in succession to sugar cane in a ratio by weight of from 1:10 to 10:1.

Features. Contains 9.1% fipronil—a non-repellent, state-of-the-art active ingredient—which is passed by termites back to the nest for accelerated colony destabilization

A simple and sensitive single-step method for gas chromatography–mass spectrometric determination of fipronil and its metabolites in sugarcane juice, jaggery and sugar

Published in: Food Chemistry · 2014Authors: Thirumalaiandi Ramasubramanian · M Paramasivam · Ramabhadran Jayanthi · Subra…Affiliation: Indian Council of Agricultural Research · Tamil Nadu Agricultural UniversityAbout: Fipronil · Sugar · Jaggery · Residue

Why is my Dog Still Itchy After I Applied Frontline? My dog is in great distress either from fleas or allergies or both or something else.

Fipronil Professional Termiticide Concentrate Spra – Fipronil Professional Termiticide Concentrate Spray – DIY Termite Control

BASF said fipronil-based products have been on the market since 1993 and are used in more than 70 countries. Brazilian mills run corn-cane biofuel plants. News. Rye acres take dive this fall

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Jan 17, 2018 · Biospot’s active ingredient is a variant of permethrin. Frontline Plus active ingredient is fipronil and s-methoprene. So, no the ingredients aren’t the same at all.

Product name: Fipronil 95%-96%TC Use: Broad-spectrum insecticide, control of multiple species of pests on a broad range of crops, e.g. rice, vegetables, cotton

Uses include total control of vegetation in non-crop areas, undesirable woody plants in pastrues and rangeland, and grass and broad-leaved weeds in sugar cane. 20%G, 97%TECH, 80%WDG: 25kg/Fiber drum. Supplier Of Herbicides

PRINCIPIO ATTIVO: Fipronil, Permethrin. For the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and / or tick where it is necessary activity repellent (anti-feeding) against sand flies, horseflies and / or mosquitoes. For the treatment and prevention of flea infestations and / or tick where it is

Jul 11, 2010 · La rogna otodettica è altamente contagiosa e non è specie specifica potendo causare otite anche nel cane e nel furetto. Tutti gli stadi del ciclo evolutivo si ritrovano nel condotto uditivo dove si riproducono. Le femmine depongono le uova e le larve si trasformano in adulti in 14-21 giorni. -il fipronil …


Fipronil 200SC Insecticide. International Standard in Non-Repellent m Micron-Sized Fipronil Particles – Increased Unifor Insect Contact and Efficacy. Apply during the summer months of December to February when the crop has produced the first millable internode of cane. Use hollow

Fipronil is an insecticide and acaricide belonging to the phenylpyrazole family. It acts by interacting with ligand-gated chloride channels, in particular those gated by the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), thereby blocking pre- and post-synaptic transfer of chloride ions across cell membranes.

Una volta applicato, questo farmaco può essere efficace per un mese intero, anche se si bagnano il vostro cane o portarlo a fare una nuotata. Questo perché fipronil si accumula nelle ghiandole sebacee dell’animale, da dove è costantemente rilasciato sulla pelle e pelo.

Fipronil controls boll weevils and plant bugs on cotton, diamond-back moths on crucifers, and Colorado potato beetle on potatoes, by foliar application. Fipronil controls stem borers, leaf miners, planthoppers, leaf folders/rollers and weevils in rice.

China Fipronil 5% Sc, Fipronil 80%Wdg, Fipronil 97% Tc, Find details about China Fipronil, Pesticide from Fipronil 5% Sc, Fipronil 80%Wdg, Fipronil 97% Tc – Shanghai Bosman Industrial Co., Ltd.

Effetti collaterali del Fipronil • Danni al sistema nervoso – Fipronil è una neurotossina, provocando danni al sistema nervoso delle pulci. Può avere lo stesso effetto sul vostro cane, causando sintomi come convulsioni, spasmi del corpo, perdita di appetito, andatura instabile e altri effetti.

Con questo metodo, da una pipetta di antipulci (principio attivo FIPRONIL) da 4 ml si riescono a trattare 8 gatti. Calcolare 0,5 ml per gatto. Per risparmiare ulteriormente, basta comprare il prodotto online, siti come Dogsitter e Zooplus sono affidabili, economici e veloci nelle consegne.

Strong 99% Fipronil CAS: 120068-37-3 Fipronil Use mainly used in rice, sugar cane, potatoes and other crops, animal health is mainly used to kill cat and dog body fleas and lice and other parasites Fipronil English name: Fipronil Fipronil English

The objective of the present study was to evaluate the influence of the organic residues filter cake, straw, boiler ash and vinasse on the degradation and sorption of fipronil and atrazine in two representative soils with sugarcane crops in MS State.

Published in: Ciencia Rural · 2016Authors: Raquel De Oliveira Silva · Romulo Penna Scorza Junior · Maricy Raquel Lindenbah B…Affiliation: European Union of Medical Specialists · Empresa Brasileira De Pesquisa AgropecuariaAbout: Soil contamination · Atrazine · Vinasse · Soil classification · Fipronil · Pesticide residue

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