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Answer one cubic inch equals 16.387 cubic centimeters (cc). One cc equals .061ci (cubic inch). For converting cc’s to cubic inches, the formula is: cc ÷ 16.387 = ci The formula for converting cubic inches to cc is: cubic inches x 16.387 = cc so One liter or 1000 cc equals 61.023 cubic inches.

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1000 mg/L Cu in 2% nitric acid, prepared with high purity Cu metal, HNO 3 and water General description This certified reference material (CRM) is produced and certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 17034 (ISO Guide 34).

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Cubic Inches. A unit of measurement for volume. It represents an area one inch long, by one inch wide, by one inch deep. Cubic Inches to Liters formula. L = in³ _____ 61.024. Liters. Basic unit of volume in the metric system. A liter of water weighs one kilogram.

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Update your kitchen with the Farberware 1.1 cu. Update your kitchen with the Farberware 1.1 cu. ft. Soft Touch 1000-Watt Microwave Oven. The Soft Touchs signature matte black finish and chrome handle deliver an understated and uniquely modern approach to the classic microwave oven.


The cubic foot (symbol ft 3) is an imperial and US customary (non-metric) unit of volume, used in the United States, and partially in Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is defined as the volume of a cube with sides of one foot (0.3048 m) in length .

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Liter (litre in SI spelling) is a metric volume unit and equals to 1000 cubic centimeters (1 cm3 = 1 mL) and 61 cubic inches. 1 liter of water has a mass about 1 kilogram. The abbreviation is ” L “. Cubic centimeter is a metric volume unit and defined as a cube with sides are one centimeter in length.

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Natural Gas is usually measured by volume and is stated in cubic feet. A cubic foot of gas is the amount of gas needed to fill a volume of one cubic foot under set conditions of pressure and temperature.To measure larger amounts of natural gas, a “therm” is used to denote 100 cubic feet, and “mcf” is used to denote 1,000 cubic feet.

seriously need help with this question. The cube in the image has a volume of 1,000 cubic feet. The other solid has the same base and height as the cube, but the length of each of its slanted sides is 2 units longer than the height.

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We know that the formula for cube volume is a³ and that we’re looking for a in this specific case, so we can write it down as a simple equation:

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Cubic meter (metre is SI spelling) is a metric volume unit and defined as the volume of a cube with sides are 1 meter in length. 1 cubic meter equals to 1000 liters and one million milliliters. The abbreviation is ” …

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Cubic Meters. A metric unit of volume, commonly used in expressing concentrations of a chemical in a volume of air. One cubic meter equals 35.3 cubic feet or 1.3 cubic yards. One cubic meter also equals 1000 liters or one million cubic centimeters. Cubic Meters to Liters formula

Jun 14, 2018 · To convert square feet to cubic feet for regular shapes, multiply the base by the height. The volume of a regular shape is found by multiplying length by width by height, and since square footage is found by multiplying length and width, all you have to do is account for the height!

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Instantly Convert Cubic Inches (cu in) to Cubic Yards (cu yd) and Many More Volume Conversions Online. Cubic Inches Conversion Charts. Many Other Conversions.

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ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) – 4500 cubic inch main rucksack, can be mated with an additional 1500 cubic inch Assault Pack, along with 100 ounces of liquid in a hydration bladder. This would give you 6000 cubic inches of rucksack space, on your back.

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Actually, the original French definition was 1 cubic decimeter. From 1904 to 1964, a mere 60 years of its 223 year life, it was defined as exactly 1 kg H2O at 4 °C. That decision was abrogated in 1964. Howard is right about the comma in “1,000” but I know 1 L = 1000 cm³, “cause the SI Brochure tells me so.”

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1,000 Cubic Feet Of Natural Gas to British Thermal Units = 1000000 40 Cubic Feet Of Natural Gas to British Thermal Units = 40000 10,000 Cubic Feet Of Natural Gas to British Thermal Units = 10000000

The profit of any gas producing company depends on the costs it needs to produce 1 unit of gas, technically spoken 1000 cubic feet at standard conditions. In recent articles, I have focused on

Feb 09, 2014 · Best Answer: 0.1000 M contains 0.1000 mols/litre. 100 mL of solution ( = 1/10 L) contains 0.1000/10 mols = 0.0100 mols. Molar mass is the molecular mass expressed in grams. One mol of CuSO4 molecules contains 1 mol of Cu atoms, one mol of S atoms and 4 mol of O atoms.

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Conversion between cubic feet and square feet. Cubic feet to Square feet Calculator

How many cubic feet in a cubic yard? These questions – as well as many more – are answered by the Harvest Landscape Calculator. The calculator is also available as an …

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